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Chloe Green, 26, and model/”hot felon”

Jeremy Meeks, 33, seemed to be having the ultimate summer romance. The two were photographed making out aboard a yacht off the coast of Turkey on July 2, looking completely blissed out and have spent some steamy time together since meeting in Cannes back in May. However, he’s now flown home to Stockton, CA to confront his incredibly pissed off wife. Chloe’s billionaire Top Shop owner dad

Philip, 65, also might have had a hand in the possible uncoupling after learning about Jeremy’s past. “Chloe’s is getting hell for this from her dad, he had no idea what sort of guy she was associating herself with. When this news all came out about who his daughter was dating he hit the roof. He does not want his daughter dating a former criminal for obvious reasons,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He’s worried about her, about the sort of things she could get dragged into. And he’s convinced the guy is just a gold digger after her money,” our insider continues. Jeremy has become a successful model since getting out of prison in 2016 for possession of a firearm. He walked the

Philipp Plein fashion show during the Cannes Film Festival and it’s believed that he met Chloe there. She first broke the news of their romance on June 5, posting an Instagram photo of the married looker planting a sexy kiss on her.

“Phillip had no clue about Jeremy’s criminal past, he would have put a stop to it right away. He completely controls the purse strings so it’s very hard for Chloe to do anything against him. She’s got him wrapped around her little finger so she can usually do whatever she wants, but in this case her dad’s fears are going to make it very hard for her to continue any sort of relationship with Jeremy, I’d say it’s pretty doomed,” our source adds. Jeremy — who earned the nickname “hot felon” after Stockton P.D. released his ridiculously gorgeous mugshot after a 2014 arrest — has since flown back to the U.S. to face his wife

Melissa, who at least for now he is still very much married to.

HollywoodLifers, do you think it’s wrong for Chloe’s dad to judge Jeremy by his past?

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