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Forget the iPhone7, when it comes to valuable Apple products there’s nothing like an old iPod.

While the much-anticipated new phone will set you back £599, it’s just possible an iPod they stopped making could be worth more.

The old iPod Classic has sold for nearly £700 on auction sites.

And second-hand ones can go for more than £300 – so it might be worth raiding your loft.

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The reason appears to be it is rare – Apple was having difficulty finding parts so decided to ditch the classic design.

Getting one now will cost you more than buying any of the current range of iPods – and if you have one you don’t use, you might want to consider selling them.

More than 3,000 of the old model have been sold on – with some new ones listed for £600.

Others have sold for more than £500 on Amazon.

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A second hand 160GB version can cost more than £200 on or up to £300 on eBay if they’re in good condition.

Other versions are selling for less.

But you can still make a fair bit – with 80GB versions selling for more than £100 – but the real money’s in limited editions.

A set of four U2 iPods – still in their boxes – sold for an astonishing £50,000 on eBay last year with other rare versions selling for thousands recently., set News, Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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