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Martin added: “Right now there’s a lot of demand, so stock won’t be as high as during other times of the year, and discounts tend to be smaller, yet you can still get £100 John Lewis gift card for £98 (2% discount), a £25 New Look gift card for £23.50 (6% discount), a £50 FeelUnique gift card for £46 (8% discount) and a £100 Forever 21 gift card for £86 (14% discount). 

“And as gift cards count as cash, you can usually combine them with sales or codes for effectively a double discount.”

Get a free £50 of Nectar points

Martin told viewers: “If you apply and are accepted for Sainsbury’s Nectar credit card by Thursday 28 December you’ll earn 1,000 bonus points (worth £5) each time you spend £35 or more on Sainsbury’s shopping with your credit card, up to ten times in your first 2 months - so that’s 10,000 points (worth £50).  

 “You can even max the bonus by doing a big shop and splitting your shopping into chunks of £35 spend., News Around the world presents the latest information of national, regional, and international, politics, economics, sports, automotive, and lifestyle.

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