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The outdated tech collecting dust in your closet could very well be worth big bucks. Like rare and , vintage iPods are now considered highly prized collectibles.

What's surprising is that while Apple's MP3 players have undoubtedly been in shaping the music industry, they're not that old. The first one hit the market in 2001—selling for a whopping $399, or of today's iPod Touch.

Nonetheless, vintage iPods have joined baseball cards and on the list of nostalgic items that collectors will pay surprisingly large sums to buy. Yes, in today's speeded-up world, clunky tech devices that are only 12 or 15 years old can already get people feeling nostalgia, to the point that they'll fork over big money to feel like they're back in 2004 or whenever.

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The >Guardian recently scoured eBay for Apple collectibles, and found listings including: a factory-sealed third-generation iPod Shuffle for $1,000; a silver first-gen iPod mini for $2,500; a first-gen iPod for $10,000; and a never-opened second-gen iPod for $20,000. As you'd guess, the condition and rarity of the device can have a big influence on its value. It'll be worth more if you have the original packaging as well.

Granted, the figures mentioned above are just asking prices, and they might not sell for that much. But it appears as if the collectability of Apple tech and paraphernalia is no passing fad. Heck, even just an circa 2011—with no device or electronica whatsoever—now has an asking price of $49.99.

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Jim Golden
Vintage Cell Phone Collection
Motorola Cellular One DynaTAC 8000x (cellular phone)
SCM Smith-Corona, Coronet Super 12 Typewriter
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8 inch Floppy Discs
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Bell & Howell Autoload Design 346A (Super 8 projector).
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45RPM Vinyl Records, including Blood, Sweat & Tears'
8 Track Collection, including Simon & Garfunkel's
BoomBox Collection
8-Bit Videogame Collection, including the Nintendo NES
Camera Collection, with Twin Lens Rolleiflex.
Jim Golden
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What's more, the idea that people will pay seemingly insane prices for certain old iPod models is not new. Back in late 2014, not long after , there were reports of sealed, first-generation iPods selling for $20,000—and one rare model .

And if you were wondering: Sure enough, old iPhones can also be quite valuable. Check out for a factory-sealed first-generation iPhone, with an asking price of $18,000.

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Your Old iPod Could Be Worth $20,000
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Your Old iPod Could Be Worth $20,000
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