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Just a few days back, XDA Senior Recognized Developer rovo89 released an official update to his Xposed Framework—bringing compatibility to Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat. Since then, many developers have shown renewed interest in updating their Xposed Modules. While we were covering the open-source, fully themeable Frost for Facebook application the other day we realized that Facebook’s other half—the Messenger application—had very little third-party support. Hence, we decided to turn to Xposed for some Facebook Messenger add-ons and we found that X Messenger Privacy has recently been updated. It’s a Module for the privacy-conscious among us, and it offers a plethora of options to safeguard your use of the app.


X Messenger Privacy lets one activate certain essential privacy features in Facebook Messenger. Due to the fact that there’s a Premium version of the application available, our overview of the app will be split into two parts—Basic and Premium features.

Basics Features of X Messenger Privacy for Facebook Messenger

X Messenger Privacy can block the ‘typing’ three-dot indicator and the “Invite to Messenger” button as well as the banner when inside conversation windows. In addition, the module removes the small “Like” button from both the chat interface and the notifications. That’s not all, the module removes the “Wave” banner from the “Activate” tab to prevent accidental presses as well.


Premium Features of X Messenger Privacy

Moving on to the more “premium” features which can be activated once purchasing the premium add-on ($2.99 on the Play Store) for the app, the module has the ability to block the “seen” flag from under the messages for others. In order to then flag a message as “seen,” one can double tap on a specific message bubble.

And that’s not where the list of features ends. One can inspect the list of “Active” members and find all friends of theirs online—including those who have manually set their appearance to “offline.” One can hide audio and video can buttons and hide their call status altogether (by disabling VoIP) as well.


Coupled with Frost for Facebook, we believe your Facebook experience on Android can be further enhanced with X Messenger Privacy. Whether or not you want to shell out cash for the premium version is up to you, but the free version itself adds some basic privacy features that the Facebook Messenger application should have had from the beginning.

From hiding one’s activity and status on Messenger to revealing other users’ activity regardless of their set status, X Messenger Privacy is a great example of the kind of hackery one can do with a Xposed Module.

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