Would You Be Interested In A Talk Show With Tom Brady And Jim Gray?

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Tom Brady has slowly and carefully built up his own lifestyle brand in recent years, with his extravagant pajamas, rabbit food, and post-human, Russell Wilson-esque ad pitches delivered through the Patriots QB’s online presence. It appears that Brady might be dipping his toe into a half-hour web series in the near future.

A reader sent us a recent Amazon survey (the deadline was Aug. 6) which asked how likely users would be to watch a half-hour program with Brady and his radio buddy Jim Gray. A description of the hypothetical show, which sounds like a glass of warm milk:

Introducing a 30-minute talk show starring current NFL legend Tom Brady and sports journalist Jim Gray. The weekly show takes place in a relaxed non-studio environment throughout the NFL season and includes three core segments. First is an inside look into the life of Tom Brady and what drives him—such as an investigation into his vegan diet, his fitness and recovery routines, his private life, and off-season downtime in Montana hanging out with teammates. Second is a look into topical issues about sports, the NFL and modern life, as well historical tours of iconic sports locations such as Fenway Park and an all access look at Gillette Stadium, Tom’s home away from home and headquarters for the New England Patriots. Last, Tom and Jim will preview Thursday Night NFL games and discuss the 2017-2018 NFL season as a whole from Tom’s unique perspective as the weeks unfold toward the playoffs.

The survey floated some possible show titles—such as Tom Brady: Unfiltered or simply Tom Brady—and also asked how much you hate Tom Brady.



Brady’s agent Don Yee didn’t respond to our inquiry on how far this idea had progressed, but in the meantime, figure out a more exciting title.

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Would You Be Interested In A Talk Show With Tom Brady And Jim Gray?
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