Will Smith Slaps Reporter On Red Carpet For Trying To Kiss Him On The Mouth

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Will Smith became embroiled in an angry confrontation with a comic on the red carpet at a movie premiere in Moscow after he tried to kiss the film star on the lips.

>>> Will Smith slaps reporter on red carpet for trying to kiss him on the mouth
Vitalii Sediuk received a slap for his advances towards Will Smith (Pic: YouTube)

The Hollywood star was at the launch of Men In Black 3 in the Russian capital when he was approached by Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who gave him a hug before attempting a smooch.

Sediuk made two lunges at Smith’s mouth, both of which the Fresh Prince actor managed to dodge as they instead landed on his cheeks. The 43-year-old responded by aiming a slap at the comedian.

‘He tried to kiss me on the mouth. He’s lucky I didn’t try to sucker punch him. … Sorry, I said that on camera,’ Smith later told a reporter.

Wind-up merchant Sediuk is perhaps best known for a prank he previously played on Madonna. He deliberately presented the US singer with Hydrangeas – her most hated flower – leading to her rolling her eyes as she reluctantly accepted them.

Smith is currently on a world tour promoting the latest instalment in the Men In Black series. He appeared on UK TV screens last night when he chatted on The Graham Norton Show.

VIDEO: Watch Will Smith lap the reporter on the red carpet


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Source : http://metro.co.uk/2012/05/19/will-smith-slaps-reporter-on-red-carpet-for-trying-to-kiss-him-on-the-mouth-430947/

Will Smith slaps reporter on red carpet for trying to kiss him on the mouth
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