Why You Should Take Your Teen Traveling

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If dating is on your agenda this year, definitely try and date a girl who loves to travel and does so ardently, ever so often! There are a million reasons why she's one of a kind and why you'll experience a different thrill with her but the most important thing is, she'll make an adventurer out of you and you won't regret that one bit!

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Date a girl who loves to travel because she'll always have sun kissed lips and a tan that'll make you crazier than you already are. She will always have a mark of the places she's been her truest self at.  She'll take you along with her bag pack and you'll love the spontaneity of getting lost in places you probably never imagined you'd be at. Date her for her enthusiasm to see new things, breath fresher air and mingle with people she'll carry in her heart always because she's that fierce and free spirited.

Date a girl who loves to travel for her unperturbed sense of independence. She's not going to cling on to dear life to let herself free. She's not going to cling on to you to give her direction she probably doesn't need. She's going to make her own way and live by her own rules, always factoring in the best things for her and her loved ones. She'll be the least of your troubles where maintaining herself is concerned. She's confident and low maintenance, something that her travels have taught her well.

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Her thirst for knowledge, to know newer, finer things is life is unquenchable. She'll always know cultures and history and probably be a great conversationalist and life of every gathering. She'll enthrall people around her with her tales and probably give you knowledge about things you didn't know about before. A great woman to introduce to your judge-y, snooty friends, we think!

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Date a woman who travels for she's financially stable and secure and works hard to make her travel adventures come to life. She will always know how to use the hard earned money wisely. She may become a spendthrift during her travels but trust us, when it comes to budgeting; she's your go to girl. From meticulously planning her accommodation to the meal she's going to have, everything is worked out with this one. Unless of course she wants a spontaneous trip, then she'll just wing it and go with the flow, and still be wise about her finances. She'll work hard enough to save up for that trip she's set her heart on and make it happen and in principle she'll apply the unendowed hard work to everything else in her life as well.

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Her experiences will make her quest to try new things in life, unstoppable. Be it a solo trip that she woke up one morning and left for or a well planned vacay with her friends, she'll always do something to keep herself active and in tune with what the world is all about. Don't forget the strong personality she'll put forth on the table. Her experiences have shaped her strength and courage to tackle her problems head on. Her strength to mend things is phenomenal and she'll be a blessing in disguise for your will to understand women in general. There is no one more simple and grounded than her.  

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Date a girl who loves to travel for she will change how you see life and make it beautiful. She will be your go to girl you can lean on for all your worries because she's learnt to be self reliant and courageous. Date her because she's the best version of stability and exuberance and all the best metaphors that you need in a relationship.

Date a girl who loves to travel for she will never stop travelling!

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