Why You Should Take Your Teen Traveling

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HOUSTON – Officials are asking residents to make sure their sprinklers don’t automatically turn on like they did for one Texas home, turning the front yard into an icicle-laden scene out of the movie Frozen.

The sprinklers were apparently on long enough to not only coat the trees and front lawn, but also to create a dangerous patch of ice on the road.

"We are forecast for another hard freeze tonight," the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management tweeted Wednesday. "Please make sure your sprinkler system is turned off."

With the temperatures expected to fall into the teens and low 20s overnight, the National Weather Service issued a hard freeze warning and reminded residents to take care of the four Ps – people, pets, pipes, and plants.

Sprinklers that were left on last night were a large source of road ice. We are forecast for another hard #freeze tonight. Please make sure your sprinkler system is turned off. #WinterWX #SevereWX pic.twitter.com/5cY4ftiqvz

— Harris County OHSEM (@ReadyHarris) January 17, 2018

How cold is it? Cold enough for Texans, that's for sure.

Ranger Dan shows fellow park rangers a quick science experiment on flash freezing in 12 degree weather at Fairfield Lake SP. pic.twitter.com/nwYPesrhQV

— Texas State Parks (@TPWDparks) January 17, 2018

Another hard freeze warning is in effect from 9 PM tonight through 9 AM Thursday. Remember the 4 P's: People, pets, pipes, and plants! #bcswx #houwx #glswx #txwx pic.twitter.com/X5yn8JY6fw

— NWS Houston (@NWSHouston) January 17, 2018

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