Why Women Choose To Do It In Public!

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In January 2016, when Spanish MP Carolina Benscansa had breastfed her son in parliament, a male colleague had accused her of taking a "lamentable action". But women, in politics and showbiz, are standing up to shaming for public breastfeeding, and coming out in support of women in all walks of life, who face this stigma. A few months after Benscansa's gutsy move, Icelandic parliament member Unnur Bra Konraosdottir not only fed her child in parliament but brought the infant (still being fed), up to the podium, and spoke. Her colleagues didn't seem to mind one bit. Later she said that her daughter "was hungry, and I wasn't expecting to speak, so I started feeding her".

Actor Mila Kunis has condemned this culture of shaming, being a victim of it, and has gone on to criticise the over-sexualisation of breasts in society that is largely to blame for one of the most natural human experience to become a social taboo. Says Bandita Sinha, gynaecologist, "No one should consider public breastfeeding to be vulgar or bad. With most public places having provision for nursing care, there is no shame in breastfeeding, which is a natural process."

In Defiance...

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen made a strong statement against breastfeeding shaming when she tweeted a 'brelfie' (selfie while breastfeeding) of herself being pampered by three stylists, with the hashtag 'multitasking'. Actress Olivia Wilde breastfed her daughter during a fashion shoot for Glamour magazine last September. Singer Gwen Stefani posted a stunning brelfie on social media, against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, as she holidayed with her five-month-old son, Apollo. US actress Jaime King celebrated her son's eighth month with a brelfie captioned: "Breastfeeding shouldn't be taboo and bottle feeding shouldn't be judged".

Himani Dalmia, VP, Dalmia Continental, and mother of a 2-year-old says, "There is a huge movement now, facilitated by parenting groups (online and offline) and NGOs to normalise breastfeeding in public." She says the distaste for breastfeeding in public is a modern phenomenon and completely illogical. "If you and I can eat a pizza in public, why can't a baby have her lunch in public? And, if you have a problem with it, you can cover your eyes instead of asking the mother to cover up! Asking a mother to recede to a private space or cover up is simply another way of sexualising and objectifying her body, of controlling and confining her."

You shame me, I shame you...

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