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A search for the ideal boss is like a quest for the Holy Grail. It will always elude you.

Getting along with your boss is more about perspective, give and take, and a lot of grace more than an ideal.

For example, when an employee has a highly structured and possibly detailed boss, they often want more freedom and empowerment. And when an employee has a highly fluid and creative ideas boss, they often want more structure and clarity. It’s human nature to want more of the one you don’t have. However, that skews how you see the situation, and therefore solutions may escape you.

It is possible that you just might work for a jerk, and maybe you should leave. But candidly, that’s rare. It’s usually a situation that can be improved relatively easily if both of you want it to.

Four insights that will help improve your working relationship with your boss:

1) A boss without flaws is an unproductive expectation.

The expectation of a perfect boss is something like the expectation of a perfect spouse. It’s not going to happen. If you persist in that expectation, not only will you be disappointed, but you’ll miss all the good that was right before you.

I’ve listened to staff members in numerous churches say something like, “I’m not asking for perfect, but my boss is a LONG way from anywhere near perfect.” If you or anyone starts there, the road to an enjoyable working relationship will be long and bumpy.

It’s best to start with achieving a common desire, that is, each of you needs to want to put the other first.

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