Why Nyhavn Should Be Your First Stop When You Visit Denmark

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As the oldest child in my family, I’m naturally assigned to book hotels, find tour packages, and look up the top sites of whatever foreign city we were visiting next. So when we set to visit Copenhagen one summer, I did the same pre-departure ritual.

What a simple Google search will tell you is that Copenhagen’s top two tourist attractions are The Little Mermaid, a statue by Langelinje Pier, and Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that doubles as a pleasure garden. It will also recommend you go see the Hermitage museum called Rosenborg Castle and a shopping district called Strøget. But here’s a pro-tip when you visit any Scandinavian country: simplicity is its best tourist attraction. With that said, even after I checked off most of Copenhagen’s top tourist spots on our list, what really stayed in my memory was a spontaneous stop in by the seaside area none of us ever heard of.


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Why Nyhavn Should Be Your First Stop When You Visit Denmark
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