Where Hollywood Eats: L.A.'s 20 Hottest Restaurants Right Now (May 2018)

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Though few things are more fickle than the entertainment business, the foodie-focused dining scene that serves it surely fits the bill. Restaurants debut every week, yet their moment in the spotlight often is brutish and short. The Hollywood Reporter ranks the hottest Los Angeles spots on a monthly basis as these dining stars shine and dim.

In May, say hello to Petit Trois Le Valley, Crustacean and Somni. Rosaline, Tintorera and The Hearth & Hound have fallen off the chart.

Note: While this list considers the traditional core dining metrics (food, service, value and atmosphere) of the best restaurants, great weight is placed on an ephemeral quality that the entertainment industry treasures: the buzz factor. Think of it as an edible heat index.

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Source : https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/best-restaurants-los-angeles-hot-right-now-may-2018-1112184

Where Hollywood Eats: L.A.'s 20 Hottest Restaurants Right Now (May 2018)
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