When A Horror Movie Shows Too Much

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Free Kathy!

I am a huge Kathy Bates fan. Usually, when she shows up on TV or in a movie, I am instantly in a better place. I even kind of sort of maybe liked Netflix’s “Disjointed,” a mediocre pot-dispensary comedy that lasted one season, because I liked watching her sling weed jokes. She was a spot of sunshine on “Six Feet Under,” a few episodes of which she directed, and she was a kick on “The Office.” Plus, of course: “Misery.” Oh, and “About Schmidt.” And so many more.

But I do wish she weren’t going to spend more time trying to be stylishly creepy on “American Horror Story.” But now that “Disjointed” is gone, she has signed on for yet another season — her fifth — of the Ryan Murphy anthology series on FX. She will join two other “American Horror Story” regulars, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, for the show’s eighth season. The subtitle for the season has not been confirmed, but there are rumors it will be “Radioactive.” In January, Murphy told the press the action would take place in the future.


Alas, even Bates can’t pull me through “American Horror Story.” That’s how much I dislike the show.

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Source : https://www.bostonglobe.com/arts/2018/03/20/kathy-bates-you-too-good-for-american-horror-story/kpObRyl6LqJPUxrO0QrcnK/story.html

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