What Is Slow Fashion? We Explain

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Technically, Art Basel Miami is this: the South Beach version of a glober-trotting art fair that "show[s] significant work from the masters of Modern and contemporary art, as well the new generation of emerging stars." That's per the fair's official website. But if you've ever actually been to Miami during Art Basel—or just observed it from afar, via a thousand Instagram posts—then you know it's something closer a week-long party on the beach, art be damned. And in recent years, Art Basel has somehow added a fashion component. 2017 might've been the biggest Basel for menswear ever: Miami-only Air Jordan dropped, streetwear site Hypebeast held an awards ceremony, and fans were able to make one-of-one custom T-shirts with Off-White and other labels. But the question still remains: what the hell is Art Basel Miami, especially for fashion types? A gathering of the vibes? An extended, sandy link-and-build session? A vacation masquerading as a networking event? A networking event masquerading as a vacation? We spoke to seven of streetwear's coolest characters to figure out what, exactly, Art Basel is—and whether they came to link, build, both, or neither.

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What Is Art Basel? We Got 7 of the Coolest Guys in Streetwear to Explain
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