What Bruce Pask, The Man Who Makes Bergdorf Goodman A Menswear Temple, Wears To Work

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Recently, British designer Craig Green has caught Pask's eye."I like his elegant take on the utilitarian," he says. "His aesthetic is so clear, and it suits me well." His other current obsession is big pants. A few months ago, he says, he woke up and felt the urge to wear what he calls "fashion pants". "I woke up and was like, I need big pants," he says with a slight laugh. "I’m felt like that was what’s going to make me feel more jazzed about what I’m wearing." They're the ideal alternative for a style-inclined man who wants to standout, but isn't in the market for wallpaper florals or embroidered track suits (and certainly not an embroidered wallpaper floral track suit). They're also very right now. As Pask points out, silhouettes and proportions are moving from lean and strict to something easier and with more volume.

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What Bruce Pask, the Man Who Makes Bergdorf Goodman a Menswear Temple, Wears to Work
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