We Only Just Realised Meghan Markle Was In THIS Cult Teen Show

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Meghan Markle has starred on hit US drama Suits as Rachel for seven years, with fans of the show knowing her name more than her now fiancé, Prince Harry‘s

However, for those of us who aren’t avid viewers, the 36-year-old only came onto our radar after her relationship status was confirmed – and Heghan mania ensued.

After a year of learning everything there is to know about our future princess, the British public are pretty clued up – from watching her speech at the UN women’s conference to scouring through all of her past film and TV credits.

From roles in Remember Me to Horrible Bosses, Meghan has certainly had her fair share of film roles, but most of her work has of course been in TV, with Meghan appearing on CSIGeneral Hospital and even Deal or No Deal (yes, really!!), aside from Suits.

But excitement climaxed when eagle-eyed fans pointed out that our future princess may have appeared on our screens a lot sooner than we remember, with the 36-year-old actress making an appearance in one of our all time favourite teen shows – 90210. 

Yes, really.

For those of you that watched CW’s 90210, this is about to blow your mind.

Do you remember Annie Wilson catching Ethan Ward ‘in the act’ in his car with a mystery brunette in episode one, later announced to be ‘Wendy’? Well, that was Meghan Markle.

While Meghan wasn’t a main role – she played Wendy for two episodes in the first season – even an appearance in our favourite teen show makes her one of the coolest royals ever.

We’re not too sure how thrilled Meghan will be that the cameo has resurfaced, but fortunately it makes us love her even more!

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We Only Just Realised Meghan Markle Was In THIS Cult Teen Show
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