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A 68-year-old Maryland man was arrested and is facing several charges after a video surfaced which shows him clinging to the front of a moving school bus and yelling at the driver, reports said Monday.

Baltimore County police told FOX 45 Baltimore that Leverne Doran, 68, was arrested after he attempted to stop the bus last Thursday, after his car was allegedly hit by a bottle that was thrown from the bus by a student.

According to reports, Doran was driving in Parkville, Maryland, when the incident happened.

After a student reportedly threw the bottle at his car, police said Doran banged on the doors of the bus, and attempted to get inside the bus. The driver refused to open the door, police said, because he feared for the safety of the students on the bus.

Police said after Doran was unable to get into the bus, he went onto the front of the bus and jumped on its hood as it was moving, an act which was captured on video by someone inside the bus.

The video shows the suspect banging on the hood and yelling, "Open the door!"  

The bus driver then proceeded slowly towards a nearby police precinct, officials said.

"We happened to have an off-duty officer who was present in the area who assisted and intervened quickly. He came over, separated all of the parties, and at that time, the suspect was arrested on scene without incident," Sgt. Andrea Bylen told NBC affiliate WBAL-TV.

Doran has been charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing a school bus driver, WBAL-TV reported. A police spokeswoman told WBAL that at no time were children in the bus in any kind of danger. Currently, investigators are looking into Doran's claim that something was thrown out of the bus' window at his car.

Similar incidents of people clinging to moving vehicles from around the world have been captured on video.

In November 2016, footage emerged on social media of a man hanging onto the back of a moving bus as it drove through London. The video was said to have been filmed from a car that was behind the bus, the man seemed to be standing on a small ledge above the license plate of the bus and hanging on to the back of the window for support, Daily Mail reported., Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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WATCH: Angry 68-year-Old Man Clings To Moving Maryland School Bus
Watch: Maryland man clings to moving school bus
Maryland man clings to school bus hood, arrested after student allegedly throws bottle
Maryland man arrested for clinging to moving school bus, demanding to board vehicle
Attorney for man who jumped on bus speaks out
Watch: Maryland man clings to moving school bus
Watch: Maryland man clings to moving school bus
Watch: Maryland man clings to moving school bus
Watch: Maryland man clings to moving school bus
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