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Vicky Pattison felt inspired by Ferne McCann and her baby to get the contraceptive implant.

The 30-year-old reality star revealed she had decided to have the implant during Ferne’s new show First Time Mum, because she didn’t feel like she was ready for motherhood at the moment.

Pointing to the scar on her arm, Vicky told Ferne: ‘Look how much you’ve scared me.’

Ferne welcomed her first child, daughter Sunday, early last month, and is raising her baby alone after her ex-boyfriend, Arthur Collins, was recently convicted for his role in an acid attack in a nightclub.

Vicky, on the other hand, doesn’t quite feel ready for the challenge and responsibility of motherhood at the moment.

She explained: ‘This is my implant, to make sure I don’t similarly end up in the family way.

‘I’m not ready. You’re so much more mature than me. I’ve took positive steps, that’s four years I’m covered for now.’

And Ferne admitted to being impressed by her close friend’s responsible attitude.

She shared: ‘Do you know what? You’re actually really sensible, this is something that I never done.’

Despite this, Vicky claimed last month that she can see children ‘very much part of her future’.

She said that after getting back together with her childhood sweetheart John Noble, she’s open to the possibility of starting a family when the time is right.

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Vicky explained: ‘I always said I didn’t want children but being with John has totally changed my mind. We recently made the decision that children are part of our future. I’ve come to realise that life would be quite empty without them.’

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