Upgrade To HTTPS Absolute Vs. Relative Links?

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I had them change it back from // to https:// because an SEO person told me that I should have these changed back immediately. This is the way my site was (http://) for years prior to moving to https. My host did this (change my urls but they used relative // instead of https

://) as a courtesy for me when they set up SSL certificate on my site. They also changed my urls to non-www instead of www and did a redirect besides the 301 permanent redirect from http to https. Since moving to https, my sales have flat lined. The https sitemap of 1331 urls submitted to Google, 1219 are indexed. SSL Server Test gives my site an A. My site is about the same position in Google search results for its main keyword as it was before. I am at a loss of what is the problem. That is why I am here, searching to find any answers to what could be causing this problem.

One thing I forgot to mention was that when they changed all my urls to relative, my old http sitemap.xml broke and I received notice in Google of 1300+ errors. That is another reason I asked them to put my urls back to absolute, but the relative urls were in place from 5/19 to 5/24...so I am wondering if this caused a problem?


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