Tyler Baltierra Opens Up About Being Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

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He's currently not on meds for the disorder, as he's trying to find natural remedies to cope with his symptoms. He's probably already been taking steps to improve his mental health by working on his physical health lately, as he just lost a ton of weight earlier this year thanks to an improved diet and exercise regimen. 

On a podcast last month, Ty revealed that he's been back in regular therapy as well.

He said, "I've been diagnosed with depression here and there whenever I've gone back to therapy and whatnot. Recently, I went to a new place and based on a couple of sessions I had with them, they said, 'Look, based off a snapshot of your symptoms, we think you may be on the bipolar spectrum as well.'"

"That was pretty shocking to figure out, but also it made a lot of sense back to when I was younger," Tyler continued. "It was weird. But getting back into therapy, I've been managing that stuff."

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Tyler Baltierra Opens Up About Being Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder
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