Two People Shot Dead While St. Louis Police Respond To Wrong Address A Block Away - CATEGORY Breaking news: TITLE

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Two people shot dead while St. Louis police respond to wrong address a block away
2 Dead in Confusing Afternoon Incident in North City
Police often respond to one store more than any other – Walmart
‘They ambushed’: Gunman shoots cop in St. Louis
St. Louis police dispatcher's mistake cost two people their lives, lawsuit claims
Pictured: Medical student wife of UCLA gunman who he 'shot dead' in her Minnesota home before driving across the country to kill his former professor
Ferguson police officer shoots, kills teen; community outraged
Night of Shootings in St. Louis
More than 60 are arrested on second night of confrontation in Ferguson: Protesters clash with cops amid a state of emergency after violence on Michael Brown anniversary
Detroit Police: An Act Of Urban Terrorism Leaves 12 People Shot, 1 Killed At Block Party
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