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Upon opening the Twitter app, you may have noticed a popup that informed you of new privacy settings. These updates were first introduced Wednesday and were rolling out to users throughout the week. As usual, users can change their privacy settings whenever they like.

Twitter said the changes were “tools to give you more access to your information and greater, more granular control over how it’s used.” And that the privacy policy was also updated to reflect the new tools.

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These changes won’t go into effect until June 18, so you have some time to change your settings and change them again if you decide you want to. Twitter said by continuing to use the social media site, you’re automatically agreeing to the new privacy policy that begins next month.

Quite a few changes were made that you’ll want to check out. Updates were made to the transparency and control, web data, data sharing, personalization across devices and privacy shield, and the digital advertising alliance portions of the privacy policy and settings. Luckily you can adjust a lot of these if you know what to click.

How to change your privacy settings on Twitter:

Either in the app or in your web browser, select “Settings.” On web you’ll find this in the drop down menu that appears when you select your photo in the right-hand corner of the home page. In the app, this is represented with a gear on your profile page. Then scroll down until you see “Privacy and Safety.” Under this you’ll see “Personalization and Data.” This is where you can make changes to whether Twitter can gather certain information about you as a user. You have the option to “Disable all” on this page or you can select each factor in personalization or data as you choose.

You may also want to check the data Twitter has already saved on you. You can find this under “Settings” as well, as “Your Twitter data.” Here you’ll be able to see the data collected on your “Interests from Twitter” as well as “Interests from partners.” If you select these you’ll see the topics and “interests” Twitter or its partners think you have based on your profile and activity. You can edit these if you’d like. Here you’ll also be able to see how many “Tailored audiences” you’re a part of and how many of those are from advertisers. You can also select an advertiser list.

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Data sharing will also change. Twitter will be able to share nonpersonal device level data, a post said. Your name, email and other personal information may be available to certain partners as well. So if you don’t want that information shared, definitely make sure you update that “Personalization and Data” portion of your profile.

Additionally, Twitter is disabling Do Not Track for those users who have it enabled in their web browsers., index Latest News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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