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Tom Cruise injured his leg while jumping from building to building as he filmed a stunt for his upcoming movie Mission Impossible 6 in London.

As Radar’s video of the superstar actor shows, he performed the dangerous stunt on Sunday but wound up limping afterwards after landing hard.

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Brave Cruise, 55, who loves doing his own stunts, was wearing a high wire during the building jump for the latest Mission Impossible film.

He tried to leap from a rigging next to one building onto another building. But he fell short and slammed hard into the side of the landing building.

Cruise attempted to limp away, but then collapsed!

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The star took a moment, crouching down with his hand to his forehead, Tom Cruise style, and then then limped back to the edge of the building.

He floated back to the rigging area, where crew members took care of him and tried to see if he was okay. It’s not yet known how bad Cruise’s injury is.

In the past, the actor has been known for some sexy hijinks on set.

But more serious things have happened as many of Cruise’s films feature risky business. As Radar has reported, there has recently been a full instigation on the deaths of two renowned pilots in the Cruise starring war film American Made. They had allegedly fallen to their deaths.

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The star himself takes a licking but keeps on ticking. He’s next set to do a sequel to his megahit 1986 flyboy movie Top Gun.

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Tom Cruise Gets Injured Doing Dangerous Movie Stunt
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Tom Cruise Gets Injured Doing Dangerous Movie Stunt
Tom Cruise Gets Injured Doing Dangerous Movie Stunt
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