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We’ve all seen those safety signs warning us not to attempt to balance prams, trolleys and large suitcases on escalators, but we might not always pay proper attention to them.

Finding and waiting for a lift may seem like such a waste of time when a working escalator is right there but you’re definitely going to want to start heeding those warnings after this. London’s rail network has just released footage showing what happens when people try to cart their luggage up escalators and it is pretty brutal.

Learn from this woman’s mistakes. 
<a href="/search/Image: Network Rail">Image: Network Rail</a>

Learn from this woman’s mistakes. Image: Network RailSource:Supplied

So start taking notice of those signs before you end up on an embarrassing escalator fail compilation, at the very least.

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This is why you shouldn’t try and take your suitcase up an escalator
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