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When Julián Ríos Cantú was just 13 years old, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. He almost lost her because the cancer was detected late, but he wanted to make sure no one else had to suffer the same way. The now-18-year-old Mexican teen teamed up with three friends to invent a product that detects breast cancer early on, and it's an invention that is wowing scientists around the world.

Eva is an autoexploration bra equipped with about 200 biosensors to detect any signs of breast cancer. Wearing the bra for just one hour can monitor changes in temperature, weight, and shape of the breasts. Women who own the bra can check their condition on the mobile or desktop app.


The Photo That Is Helping Women Detect Breast Cancer

"When there is a tumor in the breast there is more blood, more heat, so there are changes in temperature and in texture," Julián said in an interview with

El Universal. "We will tell you, 'in this quadrant there are drastic changes in temperature' and our software specializes in caring for that area. If we see a persistent change, we will recommend that you go to the doctor."

The bra only has to be worn for an hour every week to be able to detect any abnormal changes.

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While Eva is just a prototype right now, it's garnered the attention of many powerful scientists. On April 29, 56 student entrepreneurs from around the world competed at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, and Julián took home the top prize for the revolutionary Eva bra. What an incredibly inspirational project!, set News, Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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This Teen Designed a Bra to Detect Breast Cancer and It Could Save Your Life
A teenager has designed a bra which can detect breast cancer
This Teen Designed A Breast Cancer Detection Bra After Almost Losing His Mom To The Disease
Teen invents bra that could detect breast cancer early
Teen Invents Bra That Can Save Millions After Mom Nearly Dies Of Breast Cancer
After Almost Losing His Mom To Breast Cancer, Teen Designs A Bra To Detect It
This teen developed a bra that could save you from breast cancer
This New Bra Could Help Detect Breast Cancer Early
Teen invents bra that could save millions after his Mom nearly dies of breast cancer
Teen Invents Bra That Can Save Millions After Mom Nearly Dies Of Breast Cancer
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