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Undone updos, risky skin reveals and bold red lips are synonymous with the glamorous Cannes Film Festival. But last night, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor stepped out with a distinctive below-the-neck beauty signature that made head turns on the red carpet. At a Solo: A Star Wars Story screening, she wore delicate Henna designs etched across her hands.

Paired with an ethereal Vera Wang tulle ballgown and a wispy chignon, Kapoor's intricately drawn on accessory was the ultimate black tie addition. The traditional Indian form of body art, which the actress also wore at her fairytale wedding to businessman Anand Ahuja just one week prior, was accompanied by a nude manicure and a new wedding ring. Also adding a jolt of color to the big night beauty equation? Kapoor wore neon yellow eyeshadow and a pair of sparkling canary diamond earrings that proved true decadence is in the details.

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This Bollywood Actress Just Stepped Out in the Most Head-Turning Henna at Cannes
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