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Of course, it's not the first large, luxurious SUV to ride on a dune. Its sister car the Bentley Bentayga famously did so as well back when it was launched. With the Middle East being such an important market for expensive vehicles of all kinds, many companies have test facilities there, and it's not uncommon to see Range Rovers in the sandbox.

The Huracan has an Anima button with something like three modes at the bottom of the steering wheel. Meanwhile, the Urus has a small Anima lever next to the gear shifter. It reminds us of the old SUV diff locks, which is probably an intentional design element. You don't see it on anything else that's at the top of the market. In fact, some companies are even trying to get rid of the shifter.

Besides Sabba, the Urus also has Strada, Sport, Corsa, Terra and Neve drive modes. The last two translate as earth and snow. What would happen if you drove it in Sabba mode on ice?

Of course, we also can't ignore the fact that it's the first Lamborghini mass-production car ever to be tested and developed under such conditions. Sand can clog up your filters and cause premature failure of moving parts.

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