The Shocking Moment A Cop Fired 21 Rounds At A Stolen Car Killing The 17 Year Old At The Wheel And Wounding A Teenage Girl - CATEGORY Latest news: TITLE

Video of the November police shooting of Christian Redwine now released

  • Redwine led cops on a car chase from his hometown in Georgia into Alabama

  • With two other teens in his car the teen spun off the road and cops jumped out

  • Officer Alan Brown fired 21 times after Redwine threw car into reverse at him 

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    Published: 02:37 GMT, 1 August 2017 | Updated: 05:09 GMT, 1 August 2017

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    The shocking moment a cop fired 21 rounds at a stolen car - killing the 17-year-old at the wheel and wounding a teenage girl
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