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There were 58 lives lost in the Las Vegas massacre last October, but their memories live on. A Cleveland-area artist commemorated those memories with the stroke of a paintbrush.

We talked to the artist and one of those victim's wives who said her husband saved her life that night. Heather Melton said her husband Sonny grabbed her from behind and started running when he was shot in the back.

The couple was head over heels in love. They met at work. She works as a doctor, and he was a nurse. However, their romance was cut short by this tragedy.

Over the phone from Tennessee, Heather Melton described her late husband as the love of her life.

“I feel like nobody will love me like how he loved me, and I won't ever love somebody how I loved him,” she said.

Local artist Keri Sparenga said she remembers the night she found out about the shooting.

“Watching on the news, and I was just so upset about it,” she said.

Her friend later told her about the Las Vegas Portrait Project, honoring all 58 victims with individual portraits. After Sparenga submitted her portfolio, she was invited to paint a portrait for Sonny Melton, 29.

“She really captured his essence,” said Heather Melton, after seeing the painting.

Sparenga said she added personal touches, such as his love for duck hunting and his home in the background. She also added tiny hidden clues, like a heart shape in the branches with their wedding anniversary and his favorite line, 'Living the dream' on his hat.

Many of these victims were not from Las Vegas, but visiting when this shooting happened. Sonny and Heather Melton were visiting from Tennessee.

The 58 portraits will be displayed in Las Vegas from September 17 to October 19th. Afterwards, the portraits will be shipped to the victim's families in different states., Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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