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David Stern and the NBA recently made news about allowing gambling on the NBA legally. This raised many eyebrows especially with the recent controversy with the referee scandal. Well it may seem like a long shot and if it does become legal you can be rest assured the NBA would have something in place to bet on game, but in the meantime I put a list of the best sportsbooks available online today for safe and secure wagering.


Top Ten Online Sportsbooks

This ranking site is different because sportsbooks will be broken down by individual sections like payouts, deposits, reputation, safety and more. There will be a top ten list that is always updated and new bonuses and updates will constantly occur. Here is the opening Top Ten Report for the best online sportsbooks!

Betjamaica the players paradise>

1. Bet Jamaica –the fastest payouts in the business a rock-solid reputation for being the best Bet Jamaica leads the pack when it comes to great sportsbooks. Click here and get $100 free on your first deposit of $100 or more.

2. Diamond Sportsbook—Great bonuses, sharp lines and a management team with a deep tradition of providing the best service in the gaming industry. This is the easiest sportsbook to make a credit card deposit at. Click here and get 40% on your first deposit.

3.—one of the few sportsbooks that gives free money without deposit to just try them out. Fast software and plenty of betting options keep Bet mania in the Top ten for a long time.Click here for a free $55 bet!

4.— has plenty of perks for the player and has a slew of betting options. They offer a free reward program that is second to none. Taking care of the customers is priority one.Click here and see why they are rated so high!

5.—another book with one of the top reputations in the country. 45% sign up bonus on a min deposit of just $100 for all your players, 100% casino bonus,7% weekly horse rebate and more! Click here to sign up!


6.—one of the oldest sportsbooks in the industry with a very successful credit card acceptance rate. Plenty of bonuses and perks and handicapping tools to keep the players coming back and smiling! Click here to sign up!

7.—one of the best kept secrets in the sportsbook industry. They have the fastest betting software in the business and are located in Canada as one of the smartest books in the business. Click here to sign up!

8. Bet Guardian-- Since 1991 Guardian Guaranty has been the leader in the international gaming business. They are proud of their worldwide reputation for excellence and continue to explore new ways to improve their service, technology, bonus plans, and security. Click here to sign up!

9. Players Only—as a member of the sportsbook family they have the backing and reputation of one of the best in the business. They offer bigger bonuses than any other sportsbook and offers up to $650 in bonuses! Click here to try them out!

10. LegendZ-- Sportsbook, racebook, casino, and poker. Bet one, bet them all. At Legends you have access to the different products and can bet on the games of the day, pick the winners at the racetrack, test your luck at the craps table and master Texas hold ‘em anytime. Click here to sign up!

Bet on NFL at>

One of the reasons I made this blog was to hear from players just like you on your many experiences (good or bad) with these or any sportsbook that I may not have listed. I will post some of these stories and change the listing based on feedback from the players. This way the rankings becomes YOURS and is based off real people that are playing at these books and have solid feedback. 

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The Top Ten Best Online Sportsbook Rankings
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