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Listen: 2017 has been a bad year. When was the last time you woke up to any good news? Well, today is your day: after an eternity of delays, TVR, the British sports car company famed for its hardcore and uncompromising performance, is back with an all-new car. And they haven’t watered anything down.

This is the new TVR Griffith. It’s the first offering from the company since it was bought by tech entrepreneur Les Edgar in 2013, and as >Top Gear notes, the name itself dates back to the first Griffith that debuted in 1963 and was again reborn in 1991.

All the TVR cues are here, just modernized. The long hood, the curvaceous body, the aggressive stance. (I don’t think it’s quite as striking as the 2000s TVR Tuscan, one of my favorite sports car designs ever, but I’ll take what I can get.)

But it’s what is under the hood that really counts: a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 from the Ford Mustang, here tuned by Cosworth for 500 horsepower in a package that weighs just 2,755 lbs. Zero to 100 mph (yes, mph) is said to be just six seconds, per Top Gear. And it’s done with a real manual gearbox.


The first production cars are expected to launch in 2019, and it’s not immediately clear what international distribution will look like. Expect supply to be limited.

Still! This is a wonderfully analog and pure sports car, the kind of sports car we all pine for but rarely see in 2017. And TVR, of all companies, is here to bring it to us. I can’t wait to see more.



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The TVR Griffith Is Finally Back With A 500 HP V8 And A Manual Gearbox
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