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You can always count on Lifetime for a good melodrama, which is exactly what the 1996 movie Mother May I Sleep with Danger? was. The TV film starring Tori Spelling depicts an obsessive relationship between a young man and woman that ends in murder. James Franco has remade the movie . . . with lesbian vampires. It airs on Lifetime tonight at 8/7c.

As cultural critic Judy Berman put it, “Franco’s choice to reimagine a piece of hetero camp detritus as a girl-on-girl love story seems obvious, considering his enthusiasm for trashy tropes and fixation on queer culture. But he’s hardly the only filmmaker keeping the lesbian vampire film, a 70s B-movie staple, alive.”

We decided to go back to some of those B-movies in anticipation of the Lifetime premiere — a stroll through lesbian vampire cinema with its diaphanous nightgowns and bloodthirsty kisses. Here are some of the best movies in the genre., Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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