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A simple mantra propelled Somesuch to the top of our Production Company A-List this year: "We give a fuck."

Industry vet Sally Campbell says that has fueled the company since she started it in 2007 in London with her husband, director and Atlantic Records alum Tim Nash, and fellow helmer Nick Gordon. Somesuch gives a fuck about ideas. It gives a fuck about craft. And in an industry notoriously known for giving male talent the choice opportunities, it continues to give a huge fuck that all its directors get a fair shot at doing a standout piece of work.

Somesuch created ads that helped propel the conversation about equality and social justice forward in powerful and artful ways with a roster containing, for the industry, an unusually high number of women (10 of its 27 directors).

Among its highlights were the Audi Super Bowl spot "Daughter," directed by Aoife McArdle; her "Equal Love" ad for Absolut featuring rollicking kissing sessions between all kinds of lovers; Kim Gehrig's latest for Sport England—another ebullient ad about women reveling in their athleticism set to Maya Angelou's lively voice-over; and Autumn de Wilde's head-twisting take on fashion for Uniqlo (a co-production with Anonymous Content). There was brilliant work from men too: Gordon's fabulously fun Amazon holiday ad featuring singing delivery boxes; Max Weiland's music video for Elton John's "Tiny Dancer," a love letter to the many faces that make up Los Angeles culture; and Daniel Wolfe's breathtaking, divisive examination of menstruation for feminine product brand Libresse., Site News Today\\\'s world Presenting Daily News News News Politics, Business, Sports Up Celebrity Gossip.

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