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Every successful company in our nation started as a small enterprise on a Main Street somewhere in America. Take Remington Arms and Chobani as examples: two local companies that today are among the most successful large corporations in the country. The key to driving their success was the ability to start small and scale big. Under Dodd-Frank, too many Americans with the drive and passion to create and innovate haven’t had the opportunity to turn the outlines of their dreams into concrete realities.

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Act was passed by Democrats in Washington as a response to the worst financial crisis in 80 years. Washington liberals promised that this sweeping legislation would usher in a stronger economy with a fairer regulatory structure., Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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Thanks to Dodd-Frank, The Dreamers Are Being Suffocated
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