Tesla Used To Joke About Having More Employees Named ‘Matt’ Than Women

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Should there be any doubt that Tesla might not be a great place to work as a woman — earlier this year, female employees characterized parts of the factory as a “predator zone” — a new piece from The New Yorker today offers another piece of evidence. An anonymous female Tesla employee told the magazine that her particular work group at the company was over 90 percent men. Many of them named Matt.

From >The New Yorker:

One former Tesla employee told me that women made up less than ten per cent of her working group; at one point, there were actually more men named Matt in the group than there were women. This became a source of rueful comedy. One male colleague quipped that they should change the sign reading “Women’s Room” to “Matt’s Room.”

Get it? It’s funny! Women should just surrender their restroom to the men named Matt because their employer couldn’t be bothered to hire fewer dudes. Solid comedy gold.

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Source : http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/11/tesla-had-more-employees-named-matt-than-women.html

Tesla Used to Joke About Having More Employees Named ‘Matt’ Than Women
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