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In the American TV shows, the guys being arrested by the police are first read their rights. On the web, users could also do with having “their rights read”. As we surf, we are constantly in the process of accepting the terms and conditions of use for the services we use, which have a huge impact on our legal status.

We generally accept these terms of service (ToS), the endless pages of small print and legal jargon impenetrable to mere mortals, without reading them, simply by ticking a box. They nevertheless have a significant impact on our online rights, in particular with regard to the protection of our personal data, as well as the ownership of our content.

To help clear a path through this ToS jungle, OWNI published an infographic analysing the terms of service of four Web giants: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, something particularly true of  ToS, not exactly noted for their clarity.

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Infographic: Conditional Love - 4 Web Giant's Terms and Conditions Of Service>

Brought to you by owni.eu

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Infographic: Conditional Love – 4 Web Giant’s Terms and Conditions Of Service
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