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Rick Coleman: Good Evening I am Rick Coleman here with the Head Football Coach of the Northern Iowa Panthers Mark Farley. The Panthers are coming off a huge road win at seventh Ranked South Dakota State 38-18. And coach a complete game by your football team offense defense and special teams..like you say complimentary football.

Mark Farley: It really was defense got us going with a three and out..they got an intercept and took it down to the one yard line--but our offense finished it...Marcus Weymiller had a great day our whole offense did.

Rick Talk about Marcus Weymiller----What is it about these kids from Waukon---you aid it a tough kid--not really heavy in terms of a runningback but he carried the ball 42 times--just a gritty tough competitor.

Mark: He is what he is. He is not the fastest guy not the tallest guy but he was the best player on the field that day and that is all that matters.

Rick Exactly and you talk about your special teams--physical brand of football and got the fumble that set it up for the offense and that kind of the branch of the day to put your physical imprint on this football game..

Mark: That was our message going into that game--our backs were against the wall we turned the corner in a manner --we did we went in with a physical aspect of how to win the game and we did that with a big hit by Nicholai on the punt team forced fumble--how the defense was getting after it at the line of scrimmage and how our offensive line and offense were moving the chains it was a well rounded good team win."

Rick "It seems like you only play one home game a month--you come home a great contest against ninth ranked Youngstown State--talk about physical football --this is definitely going to be a physical football game--that is Bo Pellini's style..

Mark: A lot of people know Bo Pellini just by what they see in the paper...you see a very tough strong willed man and that is what his football team plays like--very tough and very strong willed..they want to win the line of scrimmage pound the ball with their offense and play great defense

Rick Right now you are in great position in the conference and you kind of control your own destiny I know the players know that each game though is very important..

Mark: Well each game is critical last week was the 7th ranked team ---this week they dropped they are the ninth ranked team after that is number two and after that is number four. So for us we just have to get our guys lined up for this game this play and we will deal with the things that we have to deal with.

Rick It's Family Weekend at the UNI Dome the Panthers coming off the huge win over South Dakota State .another tough game starts at 1pm do you like the 1pm start?

Mark It is what it is I am more for what the fans so if this is the right time for the fans I am all for it.. want prefer a later time but doesn't matter we just have to play this game..

Rick: Alright the Panthers 1pm at the UNI-Dome--Coach Farley Good Luck

Mark: Thank You

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Mark Farley Interview - KWWL - Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings
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