Teen Suspected Of Shooting At Lacey Apartment

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A 19-year-old Thurston County man is suspected of firing a gun at a Lacey apartment during a drug-related altercation.

Derek A. Wylie appeared in Thurston County Superior Court on Tuesday, and Judge Mary Sue Wilson set bail at $50,000 and found probable cause for a felony charge of first-degree assault while armed with a deadly weapon.

Deputy Prosecutor Scott Jackson said Thursday that Wylie already has pending firearms charges. In August, he was charged with possession of a stolen firearm, harassment with threats to kill, unlawful possession of a firearm, and criminal impersonation. Because of the charges and the nature of the new case, Jackson asked the judge to set a high bail.

“I cannot think of a more dangerous individual given the circumstances of this case,” Jackson said.

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Public Defender James Shackleton pointed out that Wylie hasn’t been convicted of any crimes as an adult.

Lacey police arrested Wylie on Monday while investigating a late-Sunday incident in an apartment complex on the 3800 block of 14th Avenue Southeast.

Police arrived at the complex about 8:45 p.m. after a caller reported hearing a gunshot from an apartment, according to court documents. The window of a second-floor apartment had been broken, and police found a bullet nearby.

Two residents of the apartment, a man and a woman, told police that three people with guns had already left.

The man reported hearing a knock at the door about 8:30 p.m. He answered the door and saw three men he didn’t recognize. A man in a red hooded sweatshirt asked the resident to step out and punched him in the face, according to court documents.

The resident said he pushed the sweatshirt-wearing man off of him, and the other men pulled out guns and pointed them at his chest. The resident said he was able to get back into the apartment and push the door closed, according to court documents. The men kicked the door several times, then left.

Then, the resident heard the sound of a window shattering, according to court documents.

One of the apartment’s bedroom doors was locked when police arrived, but during the investigation police learned another resident was in the room. He had initially been worried about being arrested for violating a no-contact order.

The man identified Wylie as one of the suspects, according to court documents. He was unable to identify the other men.

A female witness told police the man who locked himself in the bedroom had been selling cocaine, and that one of the unidentified suspects thought he had gotten “bad coke,” according to court documents. He had gone to the apartment to get back his money.

Wylie allegedly told police that he didn’t remember much of the incident because he was under the influence of Xanax. He said he didn’t have a gun, according to court documents.

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