Teen Voices Partners With NYS Women’s Suffrage Commission

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Teen Voices to Partner with NYS Women’s Suffrage Commission

(AUGUST 9, 2017, NEW YORK) –  Teen Voices, the global girl news initiative of Women’s eNews, is partnering with the New York State Women’s Suffrage Commission in celebration of the 100th anniversary of women securing the right to vote in New York.

This editorial project will feature articles from teen girls writing about what the right to vote means (or will mean, for those under 18) to them, whether and why they aspire to be civically engaged, and how their generation should build on the suffragist legacy of advancing equal rights.

We are looking for teen girls age 13-19 years old residing in New York State to write for this series through first-person essays. Your work will be published in Teen Voices this Fall.

If interested, please email Lori Sokol, Executive Director, at lori@womensenews.org before Monday, August 21st.


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Source : http://womensenews.org/2017/08/teen-voices-partners-with-nys-womens-suffrage-commission/

Teen Voices Partners with NYS Women’s Suffrage Commission
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