Teen Mom 2 Recap: Special Delivery

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For a few of the moms on >Teen Mom 2

, it’s been a long time coming for some big moments in their lives. >Briana DeJesus

joined the cast this season pregnant and still with baby daddy

Luis but so much has happened in between, it seems like she’s been pregnant for years. It probably felt like it for her too!

>Kailyn Lowry

has actually been waiting and working for years to graduate college and this week’s episode shows that she is one step closer to walking across the stage to get her degree. >Leah Messer

works on a new dream of hers, while Jenelle Evans unexpectedly clashes with her mom

Barbara, and >Chelsea DeBoer

takes her family on a Florida vacation.

Teen Mom 2 Recap Leah Messer

Starting with

Leah, she has been talking to a life coach to figure out what she wants to do next in life. With her college classes on hold and the whole lipstick sales not really doing much for her, she feels like it’s time to take a new direction and pursue something she has always wanted to do – motivational speaking. Life Coach Lindsay tells Leah by phone that the key to being a compelling motivational speaker is to have a story where you have overcome obstacles. Leah knows that she has overcome a lot between

Ali’s muscular dystrophy and battling anxiety and depression.

In an effort to get the ball rolling,

Leah reaches out to a few people about speaking and quickly finds an opportunity through the lipstick company. She’s excited for her first chance at speaking and a few days later, stands in front of a group of independent sales consultants. Leah took notes but she quickly realizes that this opportunity is too tied into lipstick sales and can’t seem to adjust accordingly. She stumbles through her speech and is clearly uncomfortable with the whole thing. Once it’s done, she tells Victoria how she didn’t feel like the things she has overcome in life really had anything to do with lipstick sales and she’s disappointed it turned out to be a flop. At least she tried!

Teen Mom 2 Recap Kail Lowry

Kail is getting pictures done with the boys to celebrate her upcoming graduation and her friends come over to help her get ready. While she gets her hair curled, she tells them about how none of her friends graduating with a communications degree have jobs and she worries that maybe she should just start going for her masters now. As if being jobless wasn’t enough to worry about, she also wonders if baby daddy

Chris will stick around to help once the newborn baby stage wears off. Sure, he’s saying he wants to be a family now but Kail wonders what will happen months down the road when things get more difficult.

Despite >Javi Marroquin


Kail to court next week for child support, they are trying to be civil for the sake of the boys, so they go out to dinner together with

Isaac and

Lincoln. They talk about her graduation and Javi tells her how he helped get her there, thanks to him taking care of the kids for all those late night study sessions she had.

Javi Marroquin

Kail keeps her cool and I do have to give her credit for that since I would have ripped his face off for that comment. Of course he helped but really,

Javi? Does he need to try and take credit for all of the hard work she did? He said it with a laugh and a smile but it still seemed like a shady dig to me and I think he should just back off and let her have her hard-earned moment.

At least someone is willing to give

Kail full credit for her achievements and it comes in the form of a stranger. As she walks into her graduation, a girl stops her to congratulate her and tell her how she also put herself through school with four kids and she admires Kail for making it happen. They share a moment of bonding over the long, hard road it’s taken them to get their degrees and hug in celebration of their achievements.

Barbara Evans

Jenelle and fiancé >David Eason


Maryssa and

Jace to St. Thomas on vacation while family watches

Kaiser and

Ensley back home. They seem to be relaxed and enjoying each other’s company as they gather coconuts on the beach and Jenelle talks to Jace about how happy she is they settled everything with


Back home,

Jenelle asks

Barbara to bring

Jace to

Kaiser’s birthday party and she agrees. She’s still only talking to her about matters relating to Jace and David says that’s for the best. Once at Kaiser’s party, Barbara has other ideas and tells Jenelle that they should all rent a cabin together and go away on vacation since they are getting along now. Poor Barbara is clearly misreading the situation and has no idea how much animosity Jenelle has been holding on to but Jenelle is about to tell her. She says that just because they are cordial over Jace, doesn’t mean she likes her and wants to vacation with her. Barb tries to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible to avoid a fight but this has stirred up a lot for Jenelle and she yells at her that she stole her son as Barbara backs out the door to the party room.

Jenelle Evans

As she cleans up the party,

Jenelle tells her friend what happened and that she won’t be inviting

Barb to their upcoming wedding as payback for screwing her over. Jenelle says she’s sick of people doing this to her and she won’t stand for it anymore.

Chelsea and the whole family are headed down to Florida to an aquarium and

Aubree is so excited, she can barely contain herself. She is obsessed with dolphins and can’t wait to see them there. They arrive in Clearwater and get a tour of the aquarium and Aubree gets to see otter and pelicans up close. But the real excitement for her starts when she gets to go to the dolphin pool with the trainer and hold the dolphin’s prosthetic tail. She even gets splashed and receives a waive from the dolphin while she’s in there. Before they leave, they take an adorable family photo in front of a jumping dolphin.

It’s officially

Briana’s due date and she is feeling awful.

Luis comes over to help her and install the car seats at the last minute. He has some issues getting them installed and when Briana comes down to help, they talk about how he will be present for the birth since he doesn’t leave for trucking school for a few weeks. Briana asks if he will be around once she brings the baby home and he says he will stay with her at her house for the first week if that’s what she needs.

Teen Mom 2 Recap Brianna DeJesus

Luis has some of his own needs though and after taking her to a doctor’s appointment, asks

Briana out of the blue if she would be willing to work things out with him. She is completely taken off guard and you can see how uncomfortable this makes her but she does manage to say she’ll see once the baby gets here. Luis still wants to be together as a family but clearly, Briana wants to see if he lives up to that when the baby is actually here.

Briana is now overdue and going to be induced in two days but she’s already having contractions and that night, her doctor advises her to go to the hospital. Luis meets her there and as they all walk in together, Briana’s water breaks and she has to waddle in with soaking wet pants. Labor progresses quickly and everyone, including

Nova, stays in the delivery room as Briana is laboring and pushing. It’s not long before baby

Stella joins them, perfectly healthy and with a full head of hair. Welcome to the world, baby Stella and congrats to Briana and Luis!


Photo Credit: MTV

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