Teen Boy’s Friends Can’t Quite Place His Prom Date, Then They Realize Why She Looks So Familiar

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The football lights were left on after the game to honor 15-year-old Trayvon Dodd's memory

  • Dodd's family was presented with a football by The Put Down The Guns Young People organization

  • The 12-year-old shooter is in his parent's custody

  • By Alexandra Klausner

    Published: 02:57 BST, 30 September 2013 | Updated: 02:59 BST, 30 September 2013





    trayvon dodd

    Trayvon Dodd, 15, was shot to death by his 12-year-old friend on Wednesday, September 11

    15-year-old Trayvon Dodd was remembered Thursday night at a Greenville County Little League football game on Thursday in Greenville, SC.

    The teenager was shot to death on Wednesday, September 11 during a visit to his 12-year-old friend. The 12-year-old shot Trayvon dead outside a home at 1 Woodleigh Drive. The police received a call about gunfire at 6:16pm and arrived to find the boy dead.

    The 12-year-old was charged with involuntary manslaughter. How the 12-year-old acquired the gun is unknown.  He has been released into the custody of his parents.

    The Put Down the Guns Young People organization was present on Thursday night with one message to parents, ‘Keep guns out of the hands of your kids.’

    The organization presented Trayvon’s family with a football and the crowd paused for a moment of silence.


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    1 Woodleigh Drive in Greenville, S.C. near where Trayvon Dodd was shot by his 12-year-old friend

    Prior to the Ceremony, >News 4 spoke to Trayvon’s grandmother, Colene Garcia. ‘It's been heartbreaking, devastating.  We couldn't believe someone would want to do that to him because of the child he was.  He was so humble and nice and sweet.  I don't understand why a 12-year-old would have a gun.  I helped raised my grandson and we didn't raise him around guns.  We wouldn't even let him play with toy guns,’ said Colene.

    A school parent named Lakaya Pitts told News 4 she believes the 12-year-old's parents are somewhat responsible.

    Jack Logan, the president of The Put Down The Guns  Young  People organization said, “That child should not have had any way of getting to that gun.  If they would have had that gun locked, Trayvon Dodd would still be living today.’

    The lights stayed on Thursday night following the game to honor Trayvon's memory.

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    'Keep guns out of the hands of your kids': 15-year-old boy shot to death by his 12-year-old friend is honored at a little league football game
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