Taylor Swift: Everything That's Happened Since Her '1989' Era

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The last couple of years have been transformative for Taylor from a business perspective as well. She was already a millionaire Grammy winner, but she really came into her own as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. First, after 1989 dropped, Taylor pulled her music from Spotify in objection to what she viewed as unfair compensation to artists whose music streamed on the site.

In March 2015 the "Style" singer also gave


Z and Beyoncé's fledgling Tidal service a streaming coup by releasing her older albums to Tidal while Spotify went without.

And then last summer she was singularly influential in Apple's infamous about-face, when at first the corporate behemoth wasn't going to pay artists royalties when their songs streamed as part of the free-trial stage of the Apple Music rollout and then reconsidered after Taylor pointed out that most artists needed that money.

Moreover, playing hardball just made Apple Music more eager to be on her team—the service contracted to stream exclusive footage from her 1989 World Tour last year, and this year she's been starring in their ads.

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