Tatiana Maslany Discusses Possible 'Orphan Black' Movie After Series Finale

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SPOILER ALERT – don’t continue reading if you haven’t watched the series finale of Orphan Black.

>Tatiana Maslany

is opening up about tonight’s

Orphan Black series finale!

The 31-year-old actress and star of the show chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about Orphan Black’s finale after five seasons.

“We’ve had such a good run with Clone Club and it’s been the whole reason people have watched the show, so I don’t know what that’s going to look like in the future,”

Tatiana told site. “It’s all been so moving… This fan base has been so supportive and fans across the world have been supporting each other and taking care of each other… that’s just the coolest thing.”

When asked about a possible spinoff series or movie, it doesn’t sound like

Tatiana wants anymore Orphan Black – right now at least.

“If there was some story that we really wanted to tell that fit in the Orphan Black universe and it was vital and different and new then that would be super cool,”

Tatiana said. “But we finished this before it trailed on too long so hopefully it left people wanting more as opposed to being like, ‘Thank God that’s over.’”

For more from

Tatiana Maslany‘s interview, head over to HollywoodReporter.com.

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Tatiana Maslany Discusses Possible 'Orphan Black' Movie After Series Finale
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