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And no, Goldwyn says he doesn't know anything about Scandal's new season. "I have no clue," he insisted. "Where

Shonda Rimes left me last season, it's awful. In a good way. I lost my son, I'm going to be president again and the woman I love has flown the coop."

When you tune into The Divide, don't go looking for Goldwyn. He's strictly behind the scenes as a co-creator, producer and director of the legal drama (premiering on WE tv on Wednesday, July 16 at 9 pm).

The series centers on the Innocence Initiative, a legal group in Philadelphia that works on exonerating the wrongfully convicted, and its work on an 11-year-old triple homicide.

Marin Ireland stars as the caseworker trying to stop the execution of an inmate (True Blood's

Chris Bauer) who was sentenced to death for the murders. Rounding out the cast are

Damon Gupton as Philly's District Attorney,

Nia Long as his wife and

Paul Schneider as Ireland's boss.

Like Scandal, you're not sure whom to root for. "In one scene, someone is doing something and you say, 'That's awful!'" Goldwyn said. "And the next minute you're like, 'I want them to succeed.'"

The execution chamber is almost a separate character looming over the City of Brotherly Love. "Believe it or not, you can have a virtual tour of the Pennsylvania execution chamber," Goldwyn said. "You can go to their website and take this tour through death row."

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