Take Photos Of Stove Dials Before You Leave For Vacation

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When I leave for vacation, I check all of the doors. And the windows. About 17 times. I then make sure each knob on the stove is turned to "off" and start the whole process over again just for good measure. Still, inevitably, I will be thousands of miles from home, wake up in the middle of the night, and know without a doubt that I left a burner on and my house (along with my cat) is doomed.

This fear is definitely not uncommon, but luckily, there's a very simple hack that will change the way you travel forever. Instead of wondering hours or days later if you left the oven on, take a photo of the knobs in the "off" position before you leave! Then you can quiet your anxieties by simply opening up your images — no matter where you are in the world, you'll have photo evidence that you did, in fact, turn the stove off. Lifehacker shared this genius hack, and it's so simple but something I've never thought to do!

If you're generally worried about your appliances being left on, take photos not just of your stove, but of your unplugged straightener, you're deadbolt turned the right direction (burglars won't be able to waltz on in!), thermostat (you didn't leave the A/C running!), your unlit candle (no fires!), etc. That gallery of images will give you peace of mind wherever you are so that you can truly enjoy your travels.

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