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The campaign, by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and MediaCom is aimed at young people and tries to encourage responsible drinking will negotiating the dating scene.

DrinkWise marketing director Simon Strahan says the evolution of the platform is an "important step" in the campaign.

“People can occasionally drink too much in awkward social situations as a way of boosting confidence - and dating can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences we face. How to Date Properly illustrates that while it is okay to drink, alcohol is not the answer to overcome nerves," Strahan says.

“Slowing their drinking and keeping count of drinks, knowing when to stop, enjoying a meal and adding water to the order will showcase their class to prospective partners – and potentially land them that second date.

The campaign, which gives tips without getting preachy, will be featured on YouTube, Tinder, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. It also has a partnership with Pedestrian TV's new dating page. 

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne ECD Ant Keogh says: "“We had a lot of fun thinking of dating fails, but we know our target will take the message on board and reflect on how to behave with alcohol when they feel terribly awkward."

“This helps set them up for learning to handle alcohol in social situations throughout their lives," Strahan says.



John Scott - CEO

Simon Strahan – Marketing Director


Ant Keogh – Executive Creative Director

James Orr & Elle Bullen – Senior Creatives

Olivia Romas – Social & Content Creative

Will Barber – Social Strategist

Sonia von Bibra – Executive Producer

Lisa Moro– Senior TV Producer

Emma Johnson – TV Producer

Andrew Packer- Senior Editor/Animator

Allan Ngo- Digital Producer

Jess Ramsey – Digital Designer

Matt Pearce- Senior Planner

Naomi Gorringe – Group Account Director

Kate Starr – Senior Account Director

Bianca Shah- Senior Account Manager

Jacky Winter Group (Pete McDonald & Guy Shield) - Illustrations

Flagstaff Studios (Paul LeCouteur) - Sound House & Engineer

Level Two Music – Music House


Stephen Benrad – Group Business Director

Jelena Radinovic – Executive, Content & Connection Planning

Alexa Roach – Executive, Digital Activations & Investment

Harry McGregor – Coordinator, Digital Activations & Investment

Waitohi Wiremu – Manager, Search & Performance

Thomas Russell – Executive, Search & Performance

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Source : http://www.adnews.com.au/campaigns/drinkwise-gives-you-tips-on-how-to-date-properly

DrinkWise gives you tips on how to date properly
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