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How-To guide on How to Order a Drink properly (in a busy bar in particular)

1. Have your money or cc out and ready.

2. Know what you (and your girlfriend/friends) want to drink.

3. Order liquor first. For example...vodka cranberry please.

NOT ummm, I'd like a cranberry vodka, a gin and tonic and a redbull and vodka.

Always order the LIQUOR first!  Reason why?  When bartenders hear the juice or soda first they start pouring that...whoops AND it's easier for the bartender to keep all the drinks you just spouted out in his/her head and maybe the guy next to you's drinks without having to ask you again what you want.

4.Don't start taking the drink away without paying for it. As a matter of fact, don't touch the drink until you've handed over some form of payment.

5. Keep your hands out of the fruit trays. It's unsanitary. Do you want a lime or an olive after someone's hands have been in the fruit and who may or may not have washed their hands when leaving the bathroom?

6. Speak up. Don't whisper your drink.

7. If you order something time consuming to make, tip accordingly.

8. Tip!!!!!!  Don't suffer bad karma or the wrath of the bartender (not to mention either getting ignored for the rest of the night or having your drinks made like crap). Not worth it over a few dollars.

It's generally acceptable practice to tip $1-$2 per drink. If you ordered something that took extra time, leave at least $2. If you order a beer and think "I'm not tipping, all she/he did was open the bottle" Wrong!  Your bartender has to go downstairs and grab those cases to restock. Manual labor. Or the bartender has to get the barback to do it, and then has to pay him for his service.

9. Don't argue amongst your buddies who is going to pay for the round. Your bartender doesn't have time for that. Decide that before you go up to the bar and don't forget the #1 rule on this list.

10. Don't wave your hand in the bartenders face or reach over the bar and touch him/her in an effort to get noticed. That will put you on the bottom of the list. Look around you, if there a zillion other people just wait patiently with your money out.

11. If you are ordering some silly college kid shot and you are not in a college town (sorry NYC is not really a college town, exception made for bars that cater mostly to NYU kiddies) know what is in that shot. Unless it is something that has been around for awhile the bartender may not have heard of it.

12. Back to tipping--- If you are running a check, tipping 20% is the way to go. If you've had no food and you tip a dollar for every drink you have that's ok too.

13. If the bartender buys you a round - tip!!!  And more than $1. If the drink would have been $7 and you would have left a $1 tip so the bartender saved you $8 tip a few bucks.

14. Happy Hour!!! Tip generously. You are getting a deal. If it's 2 for 1 TIP on the freebie!!!

15. Don't sit at a busy bar if you aren't spending money.

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A How-To guide on How to Order a Drink properly...an on-going list, please add to.
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