Sridevi Kapoor Death: Tragedy Shines Light On Bollywood Pressures - CATEGORY Breaking news: TITLE

The death of Bollywood superstar Sridevi has led to a wave of speculation - some of it unsavoury.

But the sad news has also encouraged some industry insiders to speak out about the disturbing pressures that women and outsiders face in India's so-called dream factory as Sudha G Tilak reports.

Bollywood stars often refer to the Hindi movie industry rooted in Mumbai as "one big family", but the cracks in this large creative community are increasingly becoming too large to ignore.

The tragic death of Sridevi has prompted an outpouring on Indian social media over the pressures on the industry's leading women and the murkiness behind their success.

It has also exposed the plight of many hopefuls who pursue a path to Mumbai with dreams of making it big in Bollywood., set News , Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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Sridevi Kapoor death: Tragedy shines light on Bollywood pressures
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Sridevi Kapoor death: Tragedy shines light on Bollywood pressures
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