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Running WordPress 4.8, Yoast 4.9 and have a timestamp issue that i am trying to nail down. My general WordPress Timezone settings are as follows: Universal time: (UTC) / Local time: Chicago (UTC – 5). Both the Universal time and Local time appear correctly in WordPress Settings.

I have also verified the php.ini is set correctly:


; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions


date.timezone = 'UTC'

In other words, all appears correct to me. The public timestamp on my individual posts show up correct. When I index an article individually through Google Search Console, the 'article: published_time' is also 100% correct.

Presumably, the issue lies within my XML sitemap, which is created with the Yoast Plugin.

The moment a post is indexed to Google, it shows in Google search as having been published “5 hours ago”.

Within my Yoast XML sitemap, the “last modified” timestamp is showing my local time (as opposed to the UTC) followed by “- 5”, which leads me to believe this may be where the issue lies.

For example: If I post at 11:30am on 6/5/17, the timestamp shows “2017-06-05 11:30 -05:00”. Since my posts are correctly timestamped internally on my website but index to Google instantly showing as posted “5 hours ago” could Yoast be clocking my local time (then incorrectly subtracting the 5 hours) and passing this info to Google?

I’ve searched everywhere and cannot find a fix for this. Needless to say all help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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