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I agree the NFL should include hair style in their dress code regulation. This is ridiculous, it looks like a bunch of ladies playing football or basketball, or any sport period. What is going to be next? Since long hair and earings are already in use, maybe lipstic, high heels and skirts would be next. For crying out loud, try to look like professional players. It very difficult to read the name of these players bacause the hair covers the name. They would never wear their hair like that in the military, why? Simply, this is an institution where PRIDE and professionalism sets them apart. If you tried, you will be kicked out. Bad example for the kids! At least T.O. and Ochocinco will never wear their hair like that—and at least, they look professional. I blame this chicken sh*t NFL commissioner's outfit, who is not very consistent in applying the rules.

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Seymour fined $7,500 for pulling Clady’s hair
Seymour fined for pulling hair
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