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BBC Two, 9.00pm

Film-maker Holly Challinor’s intense observational documentary looks at the lives of three young women sectioned under the Mental Health Act for their own protection. All three are patients at Fitzroy House in Northampton, the biggest secure adolescent mental health facility in the UK, and the film gently explores the impact being detained indefinitely has on them, on their families, and on their hopes for the future.

Jade, aged 17, has been treated in Fitzroy for over a year and is worried about being transferred, when she turns 18, to a secure adult hospital. The spectre of the world outside the safe but imprisoning walls of Fitzroy hangs over many of the patients. For Jess, also 17, simply going out in the garden can trigger an episode, while 16-year-old Erin is coming out the other side, preparing anxiously for discharge and returning home. The responses of parents are also understandably complex and tangled, so much guilt bound up in their fears for the safety and well-being of their daughters. But it is the resilience of the young women themselves that provides the welcome note of uplift in the end – a sense of real, tangible hope.


Live Winter Olympics 2018

BBC One and BBC Two, from 6.00am

There are eight golds on offer today in Pyeongchang, including the women’s 1,000 m short-track speedskating, men’s slalom and women’s ice hockey finals – plus the men’s curling semi-finals.



Death in Paradise

BBC One, 9.00pm

The last of this year’s sun-splashed murder puzzles serves up another variation on the locked room mystery, as D I Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) tackles the death of a reggae band guitarist. Dragons’ Den beneficiary Levi Roots makes a guest appearance.


John Worboys: The Taxi Cab Rapist

ITV, 9.00pm

Susanna Reid presents this report on the controversy surrounding the Parole Board’s contested ruling on the release of Worboys, allegedly one of Britain’s most prolific sex attackers. Speaking to victims and legal experts, Reid asks whether women are being let down by the criminal justice system when it comes to sex crimes?


The Job Interview

Channel 4, 10.00pm

More nerve-racking interviews as Heck Food search for a product developer at “Sausage World”, their Yorkshire headquarters, and luxury spa chain Champneys seek a calmness-exuding receptionist for a peaceful Hertfordshire health resort.


Young Sheldon

E4, 8.30pm

E4 is rewarded for years of repeating popular nerd-com The Big Bang Theory by being the first UK broadcaster to show this spin-off series which follows insufferable main character Sheldon Cooper’s early years as a child genius growing up in small-town Texas. The cast, led by nine-year-old Iain Armitage (brilliant in Big Little Lies), does a brilliant job with a spot-on script. Don’t be surprised to find it more amusing than the original.


Our Cartoon President

Sky Atlantic, 10.00pm and 10.35pm

This new animation from The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and chums proves that there’s mileage left in taking a pop at President Trump. Still, it surprises chiefly by being less political and more workplace comedy than expected. Voiced by Jeff Bergman, this Trump is more a cross between Homer Simpson and David Brent than anyone off The West Wing. In tonight’s double bill he’s preparing the greatest State of the Union address, like, ever.


Went the Day Well? (1942, b/w) ★★★★★

TCM, 3.00pm

It took the eye of European director Alberto Cavalcanti to create such a disturbing, original piece of work about Britain at war. A very English village is taken over by an undercover German platoon, and suddenly the rigidity of Britain’s class structure is questioned. As plucky English spinsters come up against horrific violence, a queasy but compelling story emerges.

Step Brothers (2008) ★★★☆☆


Comedy Central, 9.00pm

Will Ferrell and John C Riley play two unrelated, aimless, middle-aged losers still living at home, who are forced to become room-mates when their parents marry one another. It’s unabashedly juvenile as they bicker their way through the situation, but the laughs come often enough to distract from the pedestrian plot. Directed by Adam McKay, Ferrell’s comic partner in crime, who brought us Anchorman.

Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) ★★★★☆

Film4, 11.20pm

In a departure from his usual stark style (e.g. Vera Drake), director Mike Leigh sees the funny side with this energetic comedy starring Sally Hawkins. It’s a portrait of Poppy (Hawkins), a free-spirited, 30-year-old primary schoolteacher, with an attitude as sunny as the weather, who takes driving lessons from a neurotic miserabilist (played searingly by Eddie Marsan). Ferociously funny yet acutely meaningful.

Friday 23 February

Dave and Shirley Credit: Channel 4


Channel 4, 9.00pm

We all know that Gogglebox won’t be the same this time around. One of the great joys of watching the armchair TV critic show, which returns for its 11th series, was the always warm, occasionally bickering relationship between straight-talking Liverpudlian couple, Leon and June Bernicoff. But, sadly, Leon died last December following a short illness and June recently confirmed that she won’t be taking part without him. So, in the absence of Leon’s notoriously unvarnished views (on chef Jamie Oliver: “‘Oh he’s a d---head”), what can we expect? Probably business as usual. After all, the show has survived the loss of popular families before, from everyone’s favourite posh couple, Steph and Dom, to the gloriously opinionated Scarlett Moffatt. 

Our guesses: the lovely Siddiquis will continue to be the most well-adjusted family, hairdressers Stephen and Christopher will trot out the most-pointed one-liners, Welsh couple Dave and Shirley will bring the giggles, even though it remains a mystery just how Dave watches TV in that very uncomfortable-looking position, and we still won’t be able to work out how many dogs the Malones actually have.


Live Winter Olympics 2018

BBC One and BBC Two, from 6.00am

Day 14 sees the semi-finals of the men’s ice hockey and the women’s curling competition, plus the final of the men’s 1,000 m speed skating.


An Island Parish: After the Hurricane

BBC Two, 9.00pm

Sophie Okonedo narrates this special edition of the series which looks at the long-term effects of Hurricane Irma on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Among those who lost everything are Simone Connor and her father Neville, who ran a restaurant and leisure complex on the island.


Will & Grace

Channel 5, 10.00pm


Now is the perfect time to jump back on the Will & Grace bandwagon as the wonderful Nick Offerman (the real-life husband of Megan Mullally, who plays Karen) guest stars as baker Jackson Boudreaux, aka the Bad Boy of Bread. Offerman is a scene-stealing delight and the final moments offer a lovely pay-off.


Joan Rivers: By Her friends

Channel 5, 10.30pm

Anyone who saw the brilliant comedy The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, which was inspired by the late Joan Rivers’s early career, will know that the comedian’s domestic-focused stand-up routines were unlike anything that the audiences of that time had heard before. This tribute puts that ground-breaking career in context.


The Tick

Amazon Prime, from today

Peter Serafinowicz’s goofy blue superhero returns for another series of misadventures. As with the last time, the series stands and falls with Serafinowicz’s performance: his morally upstanding but bizarre caped crusader has enough charm to paper over plot cracks.


Seven Seconds

Netflix, from today

This new crime-drama series from Veena Sud, the writer behind the US version of The Killing, explores grief, deceit and social injustice. Starring Regina King, it focuses on the fallout from the death of a young boy who was injured by a police officer.


The Old Grey Whistle Test Live: For One Night Only

BBC Four, 9.00pm

Bob Harris, who fronted The Old Grey Whistle Test from 1972-1978, returns with this event marking 30 years since the end of music show. This one-off includes live performances and interviews with fans and former presenters.


Mute (2018)

Netflix, from today

True Blood alumnus Alexander Skarsgård plays Leo, the titular mute in Duncan Jones’s sci-fi thriller, which the director describes as a spiritual sequel to 2009’s Moon. Leo Beiler, a bartender with a violent past, searches for his missing girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh) in a futuristic, neon-lit Berlin. He crosses paths with a pair of US army surgeons, brilliantly named Cactus Bill and Duck Teddington (played by Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux), on a mission of their own. 

X-Men: First Class (2011) ★★★☆☆

E4, 9.00pm 

Telepathic Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) bonds with metal-bending death camp survivor Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and the two of them track down other mutants to confront evil Nazi Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) when he triggers the Cuban Missile Crisis. Matthew Vaughn is much more comfortable with the small-scale character stuff than the action climax, but this prequel is mostly a lot of fun.


While We’re Young (2014) ★★★★☆

BBC Two, 11.05pm; Wales, 11.35pm

A couple’s doomed attempt to recapture their youth gives Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts a new lease of comic life in Noah Baumbach’s sparkling film. Baumbach packs it with the wit and vigour of a polished one-act play as co-stars Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried, playing hat-wearing hipsters, deliver punchlines that can’t help but remind you of Woody Allen at his peak.

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